Suffering from confusion;


Suffering from confusion; 

The case of Pseudo Oromo scholars 
Rundassa Asheetee Hunde

Since the Oromo Liberation Movement became a hot topic starting from year 2014, few pseudo scholars played huge role in casting serious doubt on the possibility of liberating Oromia from colonial tranny. The overriding reason these pseudo scholars used is the possibility that the Oromo people will pay a terrible price if they continue struggling to separate Oromia from Ethiopia. 
Further more, they also told a story that the OLF is ineffective to lead the Oromo people to victory; its separatist agenda is the reason for failure; the OLF betrayed the Oromo people when it changed it’s original objective; it sold out the Oromo mass to the Tigre colonists; liberating Oromia is not visible; the OLF betrayed others by being regionalist; it set no good example; the OLF can’t bring victory; OLF’s coming to power will ultimately lead to a disaster etc.

When the above argument is repeatedly made by few men who never lost family member to the Tigre bulls or never contributed a dime in their lives, some who were trained by Tigre political cadres and were released from prisons echoed Dr. Marara, obbo Bulcha and obbo Baqala Garba’s Ethiopianist theories so relentlessly.  
Professor Eskiel Gabisa, in a counter-coup fashion, argued that the OLF never claimed to separate Oromia from Ethiopia. To appease the Habasha audience who invite him to speak on their affirmative action fashioned conferences, Dr. Gabisa argued that the OLF is all about helping the Oromo people to determine their rights such as; speak afaan Oromo, go to Bishooftuu and celebrate Irrecha, of course dance Shaggooyee, Hiyaasee and Tirrii etc with no limitation.  In short, Dr. Gabisa’s smoothing effort was an abridged version of a talk by the Ethiopianist camps as much as it is part of the confusion created by men who used to be leaders of the OLF some time ago and now re-baptized into the Ethiopiamism ideology that lost credibility as political and economic system since the demise of the Hailesilase era.  Interestingly, this time when the legitimacy of old Ethiopia based political arrangements are despised, trying to define the Oromo liberation struggle as the question of one of Ethiopia’s oppressed people is nothing but an attempt to help the debris of the rotten empire linger around. 
By the same token, to believe that the current OPDO leadership is going to bring the much needed change is the same as believing that the EPRDF will move rather quickly and become democratic. This in itself is to deny the fact that the TPLF lost the opportunity to democratize empire Ethiopia when it decided to kick the OLF out of Oromia 27 years ago.  
Factoring these realities into empire Ethiopia’s current political balance sheet, it is possible to conclude that only the OLF political objective can open up the possibility to reform empire Ethiopia and save the Oromo people from the Tigreans colonial rule.  It is very crucial to recognize the fact that it was the OLF that gave todays political actors a chance to speak about the Oromo people although they run around and try to revitalize their Ethiopianist agendas.  
Nonetheless, understanding the following seven factors can help the confused Ethiopianists see why it very difficult for anyone to save the Ethiopian empire from dying. That means, it is important for the confused to distinguish self expression from their anguish to save the decline and corrosive effects of the empire’s past. For me, their shouts, their ever shifting arguments, their cry and their confusion is nothing but the beginning of a desperate search for answers to the big questions how the dying empire can be saved. That’s why they shift their stand from time time as they asked … What shall I say today? What words are dignified and which ones are not? What constitutes a just social and economic order under Ethiopia? What sounds decent and legitimate to say? What words would help me relate to the power brokers?  
What these political opportunists failed to understand was that;  
1. The economic crisis is far deeper than the Tigre rulers themselves understood, especially because they were adept at lying to themselves.

2. The consciousness of the masses in empire Ethiopia has changed from stagnant to explosive ready to defeat the Tigre colonial tranny.  

3. The Tigre rulers have run out of the height of their power and influence, both in their own view and in the view of the rest.
4. There are plenty of structural, economic, political and social reasons why the empire should collapse, even when many groups are fully engaged to save it.  
5. The sharply worsening economic, political, demographic, and other structural conditions, the shameful, illegitimate, and intolerable Tigre fascism speeding up the dooms day of the rotten empire.  
6. Like virtually all dictatorship regime around the world, the Tigre tribe rulers can’t extend their dictatorial age because they stayed in power well beyond their time, and they can’t correct all the problem they’ve created over the past 27 years. 
7. Although the empire’s economic betterment was their banner, the Tigre rulers set out their priorities wrong from the beginning.  
For any observer who had first hand chance to witness how precarious the edifice of the house that Minilik built on terror, lies and cruelty, can say, with certainty, that the Oromians can get rid off the stench of the rotten empire. Hence, the slogan “democracy” chanted by few confused Oromians will not withstand the ongoing liberation movement from tranny.  
While these groups live inside the confusion they have created, a new moral atmosphere is taking shape in Oromia and beyond.  OPDO’s declaration for openness, transparency and democratization is nothing more than Gorbachov’s era “ perestroika” that aims at the restructuring of Oromia within empire Ethiopia.  OPDO’s repeated promise that a reappraisal of values and OPDO’s creative rethinking is under way can’t slow down Oromians assertion…“We can’t go on like this any longer!”  In other words, Oromians aspiration to change the way empire Ethiopia has been doing things means to break away from the past malpractices and that is called COMPLETE FREEDOM.

The TPLF and the OPDO today 
The TPLF still believes that it is OPDO’s godfather and strongly asserts that the moments are still in its hand. They are defiant about OPDO’s effort to limit their economic and political activities to Tigrai!  That’s why everything must be done in their way.  The only area they can make compromises is in reconsidering their approaches in ruling over Oromia.  Other than that, by deciding to build TPLF’s headquarters in Finfinnee, the Tigreans are telling the OPDO that they here to stay. 
As to the ongoing “Jaarsummaa/Yee Bete Zemed Shimgilinaa” between the TPLF and the OPDO, no one dared to oppose Tigreans continued robbery of Oromia’s natural resources; the Ambo mineral water pumps, engines, including large machineries, the Homachoo bullet factory they dismantled and moved to Tigrai, the looting of Shakisoo, Laga Danbii and western Oromia’s natural minerals. 
The OPDO and ANDM can’t question the TPLF about the money they paid as bribes to the American, European and to the Chinese lobbyists. They can’t say a word about the jailed, about the imprisoned and about the Oromians the Tigreans killed since they came to colonize Oromia in year 1991.  No one can blame them about the proxy war they are leading in southern and eastern Oromia.  As a result, the TPLF leaders still stand on empire’s high podium and wallowing in their lies by which they confuse and control the empire from top to bottom.  Mean time, the injured, the wounded and the starving are crying being pained by ubiquitous Tigreans lawless and corrupt army generals rape and killing.  If there is a good news in all this, everyone knows that everything is rotten and firmly believe that it has to be changed!.

That certainly will result in the defeat of the Tigre colonial rule, be it is on the economic and social levels as well as militarily. Our society and the most educated have rejected the minority rule model because it oppresses everyone spiritually and politically.

If the Tigreans didn’t highjack Empire Ethiopia in 1991 at the gun point, the reforms that gave rise to the current federal system would have worked largely due to OLF’s willingness to avert Oromians deep and personal resentment against the Ethiopian empire.  The violence and the stubborn refusal the Tigreans employed to suffocate the Oromo people for 27 dark years have forced the Oromo people to fight the Tigreans mass coercion process and bring the needed change to the scale and the depth that will outstrip the empire’s original intent of assimilation.   By deploying the killer Agazii army organized to  repress the Oromo self determination struggle and preserve the empire’s system, the Tigre colonist had to betray the OLF in year 1992 although they are not able to kill Oromians deepest convictions to see free Oromia. 

Today’s Oromian Liberation Struggle is the result of the ideas and ideals the OLF instilled into the Oromo mass minds and hearts. After 1991, these ideas and ideals progressed into sharper mode when we look at what is happening in Oromia today.   In other words, the ideals of FREE OROMIA had “ripened” amid people’s increasing “irritation” at corruption, brazen thievery, lies, killing and abuse and the obstacles in the way has been chipped away little by little.  Now anticipations of substantive changes are in the air and there is no going back.  The Oromians have forged an appreciable unity to bring about  radical change.  
Although the appreciation that greeted the coming to power of Lamma Magarsaa was born out of  the expectations the Oromo people have for change, as long as the OPDO is there to shape empire Ethiopia’s actual policy,  sudden political eruptions and protests will continue to take place util the liberation of Oromia is realized. That’s  the structural factor in the unfolding revolution. It must be clearly understood that those Oromians who instilled this remarkable Oromo consciousness in the current generation minds are not different from the current Oromo artists, writers and journalists who touched today’s classic Oromo revolution.  All together, each of them helped to create the general awareness of dissatisfaction, that solidified public opinion, which now created effective demand for revolutionary change.  

Forward going, Oromians moral resurrection is essential to change the political and economic system of empire Ethiopia, not merely to upending the Abyssinian social norms, but to completely liberate the Oromo people on individual level and at group level as well. That means, to bring a change in the personal character, making the nascent liberation fateful and irreversible is a must.  
The circuitous nature of liberating Oromia from empire Ethiopia’s colonial rule meant to save the Oromo people from tranny and that demands capable individuals not the confused ones. Those who thought out loud about the liberation of Oromia knew  that Oromia’s salvation can only come from complete freedom from Ethiopia not by being under the rule of the Abyssinians.  Nevertheless, some confused individuals propagate that the Oromians will be happy if they are left under the empire’s rule where their resources are extricated and their spiritual morass were tightly controlled because they believe that Oromians future is inextricably interwoven with those whom they have married to. However, what matters to the Oromians is not counting their sexual encounters with others but to reclaiming their citizenship to Oromia.  The question of getting rid off serfdom was done in 1974 and what the Oromo people are dealing with today is slavery.  Enough with lies, enough with servility, and enough with cowardice! That is the call of the Oromo people today.  Hence, let’s remember, finally, that we are all proud citizens Oromia!


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