ONN BREAKING NEWS: OLF Army Operation, March 18, 2018.


ONN: More News on OLF Army Operation, March 18, 2018.
The OLF army operating in Western Oromia attacked the Ethiopian military traveling in 4 military trucks starting from Asosa Town going to Begi town between Bambis and Dabbus towns today March 18, 2018
at a place called Muusxaa Maadoo. Heavy gun fighting is heard but the number of casualties is still unidentified. This news is developing. In another news the OLF army attacked Ethiopian troops in Gidami district, Wellem Wallagga Zone, in Marca village today March 18, at 4:30 pm. Following the attack another Ethiopian military unit going to that location using civilian vehicle was hit by OLF fighters and overturned sustaining heavy casualties on the TPLF military unit.
Stay tuned for details.



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