Free expression and the Oromo movement for democracy and justice


Solomon Ungashe

24 mins

Obbo Girma Tadesse, OMN co-founder and first CEO summarized Jawar Mohammed’s unprofessional and dictatorial practices almost three years ago. His views are shared by Professor Hamza Abdurezak (the organization’s first Chairman of Board of Trustees) and Board Members Professor Mohammed Hassen and Professor Asfaw Beyene. In a memo he sent to the Board of Directors Obbo Girma Tadesse wrote:

1- The way he involves himself [in OMN affairs] and he communicates create more problems.
2- He puts himself in charge of everything and does not trust the system/structure
3- He makes random requests and decisions without proper planning
4- He lacks proper communication skills (He uses foul languages like “bitching” against the people he works with.
5- He disrespects people and structure
6- He uses some inefficiencies to interfere in the duties of others
7- Interferes almost everywhere (editorial, satellite, access to most OMN resources and accounts)
8- He uses threats harassment to get things done.
9- He interferes and disobeys
10- Grants access to OMN resources to random volunteers and abuse was made as a result
11- Editorial decisions e.g. interviews (see my observation at OSA below) are made through either direct or indirect influence of Jawar
12- He has made requests for firing and suggestions for hiring.
13- I have been notified that interview questions at least for some interviews were provided by Jawar.
14- Some of the things Jawar does are destructive to team spirit.

Jawar repeated his foul language and unprofessional practice when answering Dr. Awol Kassim Allo‘s request for an interview.


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